Suspension & Differential Bushings

Why should I do bushings?:  If your car is getting old or up there in miles, bushings will tigthen things up pretty drastically.  Most noticeably, when you make hard left or right turns with any sort of bump, Poly bushings remove the left-to-right or right-to-left wiggle you feel.  They make the car feel so much more confidence inspiring.  I highly suggest them.  That being said, it is a LOT of work as a DIY.  Bank on 12-16 hours or so (2 weekend days) even if things go well.  You need a decent sized press, lots of sockets to press things out and a good torch (along with all standard tools and a ball joint separator)

These are the bushings I went with:

Rear: Energy Suspension (16.3121R) Control Arm Bushing, Rear

Front: Energy Suspension (16.3120R) Control Arm Bushing, Front

Differential: Energy Suspension 16.1112R Differential Mount

Notes:  AP2 rear lca requires removal of the sleeves. The included directions aren’t very clear, but they specify this.  Here is another great write-up that is more AP1 specific, but mostly accurate for AP2 as well.  I did NOT do the grease valves:


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